Get ready to do some evil, evil do-ers! The free-to-play rethinking of Evil Genius, the well-loved strategy game from 2004, has just come out of its closed beta and is now available to all on Facebook.

We’ve been told that the game isn’t quite finished yet – this really is a “beta” beta – so player feedback will help shape what the game ultimately becomes when it’s formally launched in 2014. And if you’re worried about not being a Facebook gamer, don’t worry – Rebellion CEO and Creative Director Jason Kingsley is quick to point out that games like Evil Genius Online should help break the stereotypes that come with the term “Facebook game.”




“Free-to-play and browser games aren’t for just one kind of person, or one kind of game,” says Kingsley. “We think Evil Genius Online’s blend of strategy, black humour, and cutting-edge browser tech will resonate with a lot gamers.”

You can find out if he’s right first hand. The open beta for Evil Genius Online is available now.