Set in a fictional time period in “Old Europe”, Teslagrad tells the story of a boy on the run. The menacing patrolmen in red uniforms chase the boy from his home and pursue him across the rooftops and through the alleyways of his village. With just a bit of luck, the boy escapes the grasp of the patrols and finds himself in an abandoned castle. He stumbles upon an artifact that allows him to manipulate magnetic fields, giving him the ability to move massive platforms and force obstacles to easily move out of his way.

These magnetic gloves are the first of many tools that the boy will come across as he unravels the mystery of the tower ruins he has accidently stumbled upon.




Currently available for $9.99, Teslagrad is Rain Games’ first game. Rain Games was founded three years ago in Bergen, Norway. Previously they began development on a game entitled Minute Mayhem, but put the project on hold in early 2012, undoubtedly to focus on developing Teslagrad.

“The games we produce are small, smart, simple and elegantly designed,” Rain Games explains in a press release accompanying Teslagrad’s launch. “Being comprised of people who all enjoy many different aspects of gaming allows us to blend these different elements together until we find something that sticks, all in the name of creating an enjoyable video game experience.”