Just recently released, Not the Robots is a roguelike adventure where players must stealthily rid offices of their furniture. Developed by Eli Piilonen and David Carney and published by tinyBuild, Not the Robots is the result of an incubation program at HouseOGames, and the first major title the two developers have worked on together. Previously, both Piilonen and Carney produced the award-winning Flash game, The Company of Myself.

Within Not the Robots, players will have to carefully go about devouring furniture in various office settings. The trick here is that as the furniture is consumed there is that much less cover to hide from the patrolling guards (armed with machine guns) who are more than willing to end player’s sofa-eating rampages.




Featuring randomly generated levels, gadgets to utilize and master, gameplay modes that accommodate for the amount of time a player can allot to a session, and controller support, gamers interested in Not the Robots can pick up the title on Steam, for $9.99 (currently 40% off, down to $5.99 as a launch promo). Not the Robots supports Windows, Mac, and Linux.