Some games sound great, but then never happen. For a long time, that seemed like it would be a fitting epitaph for The Shadow Sun. Announced all the way back in 2010 with a release pegged for the end of that year, the game seemed to be endlessly in a “we’re still working on it, we swear!” state over at Ossian Studios.

And now, amazingly, that work is done. The studio has just announced that The Shadow Sun will be hitting your favorite iOS devices one week from today: December 19.

Haven’t heard of The Shadow Sun yet? Be sure to check out our previous coverage to get up to speed, or just check out the new trailer below. The short version, though, is that The Shadow Sun is a massive RPG from the team that brought you two of the most popular expansions in the Neverwinter Nights series. If that doesn’t get your bag of dice tumbling in excitement, I don’t know what will.