The hidden objects of our history

If there’s one thing I’ve learned after countless hours of hunting for hidden objects in the shadowy recesses of the world, it’s that HOGs and history just seem to go hand in hand. To that end, Absolutist is hard at work on a brand new social hidden object game for mobile devices, and this time around, the free-to-play adventure is so ambitious that even all of space and time won’t be able to contain it. Featuring a cool science-fiction theme, tons of real-life historical figures to help you along the way, and lots of variety in terms of the gameplay, playing Time Gap: The Mysteries of the Lost Civilization will quickly start to put huge gaps in your own free time as well!

The story of Time Gap begins when your player-character suddenly realizes that everyone else in the world has vanished without a trace while you were spending some time down at the café. Your character is then promptly confronted by the ghosts of several of history’s greatest figures, such as Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, and even Cleopatra, who all try to help you investigate where exactly everybody in the world has disappeared to. The narrative and dialogue are both lighthearted and fun, and the story sets the stage for some great hidden object searching throughout all sorts of environments across the world, as well as time and space.

Time Gap

Earlier this week I had a chance to get some hands-on time with an early build of Time Gap, and it’s already safe to say that the game’s welcoming blend of hidden object and social gameplay will be a real treat for gamers in search of their next engrossing HOG fix. The hidden object scenes themselves have a nice amount of variety and challenge to them, with rotating parameters that regulate the different ways you’ll need to play: from night scenes and mirrored scenes, to searching through fog and quickly dealing with an item list that suffers from vanishing letters over time.

I was actually most surprised to find that, in addition to the main foundation of hidden object gameplay, Time Gap also implements a number of fun mini-games that are based on some of the biggest genres in social gaming today. For instance, at regular intervals throughout your adventure, you’ll be tasked with stopping a natural disaster, such as a tornado or fire storm. Each one of these disasters corresponds to a specific mini-game “battle” that you’ll have to complete, like a match-three Bejeweled type of game or even one that resembles Bubble Shooter. Better yet, each one of these simple mini-games is just downright quick and fun to play, and they serve as a great way to help break up the core hidden object gameplay at refreshing intervals.

Time Gap

In fact, I was never at a loss for things to see or levels to complete during my time with Time Gap, as in addition to the main questline, you’ll also have a slew of achievements to earn, 51 different collections to complete, and all sorts of daily bonuses and experience points to gather along the way. Promising around 40 hours’ worth of gameplay from beginning to end, Time Gap makes me wonder how the greatest minds of human existence would have fared when playing a hidden object game themselves. If anything, they probably would have been greatly distracted from their world-changing work, as this game is seriously hard to put down!

Time Gap: The Mysteries of the Lost Civilization is currently slated for an iOS release sometime this month, and users will be able to download the game completely for free. Be sure to keep checking back on Gamezebo for more details about the game’s release date and our official review, and don’t forget to brush up on your world history in the meantime: you never know when you might need it to save the entire human civilization!