Grinding Gear Games launched their free-to-play online action RPG Path of Exile earlier last month, and are now reporting some impressive figures: 250,000 players log in to the game each day, while over four million in total have registered to play.

However these numbers are not exclusive to just the past month, as Grinding Gear Games launched Path of Exile into open beta back in January, but the statistics are impressive nonetheless and certainly not a common occurrence within the indie game scene. Of course, being able to tap into Steam’s daily user base – one which recently surpassed 7 million – helps a bit too.




We previewed Path of Exile, back in February, shortly after the game went into Open Beta. In our preview we talked about how Grinding Gear Games desired to shift the game away from how RPGs seem to be following a “bright, cartoony” trend. It was clear from a number of instances, that Grinding Gear Games certainly was able to follow through with that goal, as the world within Path of Exile is certainly not for the faint of heart.

Players interested in Path of Exile can visit the game’s official website to register and download the game client, or Steam users can simply download the game through the Steam store