Developer Rezoner “Rezonerd” Sikorski participated in last month’s 0h Game Jam, and his result is Hotline Trail, a top-down endless racing game where the route is only visible a short distance ahead. As the route reveals itself, players must make lightning-fast adjustments in order to keep from falling off of the track.

Hotline Trail features a trippy 80s vibe that may remind many of Dennaton Games’ 2012 title, Hotline Miami (currently available for 50% off on Gamezebo Deals!). While not nearly as violent as its alleged inspiration, Hotline Trail relies more on the unknown, rather than violence, to keep the player on edge. Two players can play the game at the same time using the Arrow keys and the WASD keys separately.




Sikorski is no stranger to Game Jams, having already picked up some acclaim for his Ludum Dare 26 title, QbQbQb (which you can pick up as part of the latest Bundle In A Box offering).

Players can give Hotline Trail a shot in their browsers, as the full game is available for free, on Sikorski’s official website. The game is also available on Google Play for Android users to download for $1.47.

Fans of Hotline Trail can follow Sikorski on both Twitter and Tumblr, where he periodically will post updates on his latest projects.