Alientrap Games, the developers behind 2011’s action platformer, Capsized, recently revealed the second trailer for their upcoming platformer, Apotheon. While Capsized took place far in the future on an unknown alien planet, Apotheon takes place far in the past, back in Ancient Greece.

In Apotheon, players take on the role of humanity’s final champion, attempting to end the wrath of the gods. Of course as a mere mortal that will not be an easy task, and as seen in the trailer, plenty of challenging foes await. Apotheon is set to include online multiplayer game modes alongside the open-world single player campaign.

Currently Alientrap Games is running a special pre-order promotion where by pre-ordering Apotheon, buyers not only save 33% off the base price, but get a copy of Capsized for free. We previously reviewed Capsized and awarded the game four out of five stars, praising the game for its gorgeous visuals, action-packed gameplay, and extra game modes. Based on what can be seen in the trailer, it appears as if Apotheon is set to improve even further on what made Capsized so fun to begin with.

Gamers interested in Apotheon can pre-order the game from its official website, although no official release date has been announced.