If you’re a big RPG fan and own a smartphone or tablet, then there’s probably a pretty good chance that you’re more than familiar with the epic Ravensword: Shadowlands from Crescent Moon Games. But every mobile RPG-goer needs a break from gaming on the go to take a seat at their computer, right? Well now you’ll get to have the best of both worlds, as Ravensword: Shadowlands is coming to Steam tomorrow, December 6, and players will be able to download it at a nice 10% discount off the regular $14.99 listing price.

Now in case you never took the time to adventure through the rich fantasy world of Ravensword and partake in all of its high-caliber RPG gameplay, these are just a few of the many features that you’ll be able to find in this monster of a game: a vast 3D open world  that’s just begging to be explored; vicious creatures to battle including giant dinosaurs; the seamless switching between first- and third-person camera perspectives; and of course, all of the lockpicking, pick pocketing, and item looting you could ever hope to find!

So basically, Ravensword: Shadowlands is pretty awesome. And now that the game is coming to Steam tomorrow? Why that just makes it double awesome. In celebration of this exciting news, Crescent Moon Games has also just released a brand new game trailer, which you can view in all of its glory right above this paragraph there.