From the makers of the fantastic King Cashing: Slots Adventure and its 2013 sequel, King Cashing 2, comes a zombie-themed repackaging of the unique RPG and slot machine elements that made those games such a joy to have in your mobile casino. Because who doesn’t love a good zombie or two when you’re hitting up those slots?

Super Zombie Slots is essentially a reworking of sorts of King Cashing 2 – a free version of the same game with new extras like special weapons and animations. Now here are just a few of the awesome new features that you can expect to find when Super Zombie Slots hits the App Store next week: tons of different slot machines in several themed worlds, over 100 different symbols to populate those whirling machines, and more than 75 different prizes to earn for all of your efforts!


The King Cashing games happened to be some of our favorite ways to make-believe gamble on a mobile device, and so we’re definitely looking forward to seeing how the new free-to-play model will factor in to all of that sweet slot-based RPG gameplay. Will you be looking to hit the jackpot once Super Zombie Slots starts spinning its reels all over the App Store on December 12?