Calling all strategy enthusiasts with an Android device: boy do we have an early Christmas present for you! Today we’ve learned that Witching Hour Studios’ popular turn-based strategy war game Ravenmark: Mercenaries is now available on Android for the very first time. The latest Ravenmark game scored impressively high marks from us here at Gamezebo when it first came out on iOS this summer, and so there’s really no reason why Android owners shouldn’t check this one out!

In Ravenmark: Mercenaries, players are able to build their very own mercenary army and wage wars against other players online across the game’s desolate landscape. Perfecting the engrossing turn-based battle system that we saw in the first Ravenmark game, Mercenaries progresses the story events an additional six years, as inhabitants are struggling under the reign of a vengeful new ruler named the Scarlet Empress.

And best of all, the game is absolutely free to download and try out! You can pick up Ravenmark: Mercenaries for your Android device right now by heading over here to the Google Play Marketplace.