There’s no getting around the fact that studio closures in the gaming industry are just a part of the business today, and although we should come to expect them, it never gets any easier to hear. Today we bring the difficult news that creative game studio Hide&Seek will be calling it quits at the start of 2014, after over five years of making fun gaming experiences that everyone can enjoy. Pulling double duties as both a game developer and creative agency, Hide&Seek was behind such innovative gems as Tiny Games and Sesame Street Family Play.

In a thoughtful post on the official Hide&Seek website, studio director Alex Fleetwood discusses the reasons behind this untimely closing, and outlines some of the ways that he and his team tried to keep the studio afloat going forward, including everything from pitching to investors, to trying to secure a license for working with the film medium. But in the end, the creativity and energy of Hide&Seek was just no match for that dreaded thing called budgets and finances.


It’s truly a shame, especially considering the great potential for longevity that we’ve seen from Tiny Games and a number of Hide&Seek’s other gaming projects. Fleetwood went on to clarify that Hide&Seek is currently finishing up the last remaining strands of prior commitments before the company will officially close its doors sometime early after the start of the New Year.

If you have any fond memories of playing some of Hide&Seek’s many great and unique games, please share your stories with us down in the replies.