With the first signs of snow fast approaching, you’ll no doubt be firing up the furnace and bundling under some blankets for the long winter ahead. And if the developers at Neutronized have their way, you won’t have to do it alone. While you’re warm and cozy in your house, there’s a poor Lost Yeti out there that needs your help!

From the folks that brought you Roar Rampage, Lost Yeti is set to deliver a sliding puzzle game with a cool retro feel. Everything from pixel art to the soundtrack is dripping with old school goodness. The gameplay looks as though it should present a good mix of easy-to-grasp and challenging-to-play, with players sliding blocks around to create a path for the Yeti to find his way home.

While we weren’t completely sold on their previous effort, the aesthetic here is so @#$%ing cute that we’re ready to give Neutronized another try. Expect to see Lost Yeti on the App Store in early 2014.