King has announced this week that the powerhouse company responsible for gaming juggernauts like Candy Crush Saga and Papa Pear Saga will be opening a brand new studio in Berlin, Germany in early 2014. The upcoming Berlin studio will join King’s handful of other existing Europe-based locations in Barcelona, Bucharest, London, Malmo, and Stockholm.

It certainly makes sense, given everything we’ve learned from our recent trip to King’s studio in Stockholm last month. The company strives to keep everything regarding King completely based out of Europe, so that everyone is always working within the same time zone, and if employees need to make a trip out to a different studio, then it’s only just a quick plane ride away.


In speaking on the company’s decision to set up shop in Berlin going forward, King CEO Riccardo Zacconi has stated, “Germany is home to an exceptional amount of games development talent and Berlin is one of Europe’s leading creative hubs, so we have no doubt that the Berlin studio will produce fantastic, fun casual games that can be enjoyed by millions of people around the world.”

And as luck would have it, if you just so happen to live in the area, or just feel like packing up and relocating to Berlin on a whim, King needs some help filling up that shiny new studio before its 2014 grand opening, and is currently accepting job applications for numerous positions in the technical, art, and business performance departments (and don’t forget our top 5 reasons of why you’ll want to be working at King in the first place).