There’s been a pretty cool trend in mobile games lately that’s getting harder and harder to ignore: games that are social. And no, I don’t mean “social games.” I’m not talking about the FarmVille‘s and Facebook fare of the world. I’m talking about really, truly social. Games that you can play with real people right there in your living room (or car, or grocery line).

Marvelous Games and developer SockMonkey Studios are looking to join this trend with Wurdy, a guessing game that sounds an awful lot like The $10,000 Pyramid. Players will have 60 seconds to get their friends to guess as many words as they can – but they can’t say the word, act it out, or even rhyme.




There are going to be plenty of categories to pick from, with more coming post-launch, but the really neat twist comes in the form of sharing highlights of your play sessions online. The game will use your iOS camera to capture the guessing action, and – if you choose – you can share the resulting video to YouTube or Facebook.

Party game fans won’t have long to wait on this one. Wurdy is hitting the App Store on December 5.