You loved Evil Genius back in 2004. Loved loved. With so many games insisting on making you the hero, it was a treat to finally play a game where the shoe was on the other foot. That’s why when Evil Genius Online was announced this past summer, you let out an audible squeal. Thank goodness your henchmen didn’t hear you – there’s no faster way to lose their respect than with a high-pitched squeal.

But that smile quickly turned to a frown when you went to sign up for the beta and discovered it was already full. Kind of a bummer, right? Well bummer no more – Gamezebo and Rebellion are teaming up to let 100 of you unleash you inner Ernst Stavro Blofeld.


Want to win your place in beta? Here’s everything you need to know;

  • Send an email to [email protected] telling us who your favorite megalomaniacal evil genius bent on world domination is. (I’m a Lex Luthor man, myself).
  • You’ll need to have an active Facebook account, and the email you send should be from the same address you use when logging in to FB (if you win, we’ll need to know this info to get you into the beta)
  • 100 winners will be selected at random on Wednesday night, and the winners will be notified and receive their beta invites shortly after that.

So there you have it! Concoct your evil plan to… open Gmail, I guess. And send us an email!

Best of luck to all you supervillains. Be sure to send your entry before 5pm Pacific Time on Wednesday, November 27 to be considered as a possible winner.