Great clips, but no challenge

Half the fun of seeing a movie is recalling the film’s best moments for years to come. What’s better than sitting with a fellow enthusiast over some beers and jabbing one another in the shoulder while hooting, “Ooh! Ooh! Do you remember that one part when–“

MoviePop for mobile platforms is essentially a digitized version of the excited reminiscing you do with your friends over all things movie-related. Except you play against strangers or Facebook friends, and there are visual aids galore, which renders it difficult to give a wrong answer and make yourself look like a jackass in front of your buddies. As a whole experience, MoviePop is a decent way to waste a couple of hours. Before long, however, questions start repeating, making MoviePop an easy game to ace even if you’re not big into cinema.



You begin a round of MoviePop by selecting a genre. There are plenty to choose from, including Action-Adventure, Family, Animation, Sci-Fi, Horror, and lots more. Granted, some categories need to be unlocked, and you’re forced to choose one category from a list of three, unless you spend premium currency (popcorn!) to re-shuffle the list. But there’s initially enough accessible content to keep you busy for a few rounds.

Once you select a category (or answer a competitor’s challenge), you’re launched into a chain of five questions. Each question plays a short movie clip and asks you to identify the movie from a list of multiple choices. The more quickly you answer, the more points you’re awarded – provided your answer is correct. The player with the most points at the end of a round is the winner.

You needn’t spend all your leisure time glued to a movie screen in order to stand a chance at MoviePop. In fact, the game probably won’t challenge you even if you’re a very casual movie-goer. The chosen movie clips are obvious enough to remove doubt. When an excerpt features a blue-skinned cat-person facing down a wyvern-thing, what are you supposed to answer with? “Smurfs?” Same goes for any clip of a stone-faced Ah-nold slipping on a pair of sunglasses.

To make the experience even simpler, MoviePop repeats movie clips a lot. If you do wind up giving a wrong answer, chances are you’ll have a chance to redeem yourself in the very next round. You unlock more clips the higher you level yourself in a specific genre, but it’s not enough to fend off the reruns.



To be fair, there are many categories to unlock, including one for indie movies. The key word here is “unlock,” though. New categories cost coins, which are awarded to you when you win. They’re awarded in small increments, though, so prepare to grind on the same-old same-old until you earn enough to move on. Or you can cave and buy coins with real-world cash.

MoviePop is fun for a little while, but the repetitiveness and simplicity won’t keep you bound to your seat for very long. If nothing else, it’s a decent showcase of memorable movie moments.