There was a time, brief though it might be, that I really thought one-screen autorunners were going to be the next big thing. When Run Roo Run hit the App Store in early 2012, it was the craziest hit since Cut the Rope. But then… nothing. No follow-ups, no similar titles – not even a noteworthy clone. The one-screen autorunner seemed to be dead and buried after a single big title.

Spiel Studios plans to resurrect the genre on December 4 with the App Store release of Galaxy Run, and that, according to the press release, “will require gamers to master everything from double jumps, speed boosts and grappling hooks to anti-gravity and portal mechanisms, all with a single tap.”

We don’t know much about Spiel Studios – their past “hits” include games like Propel Man and Traffic Master – but I’ll be damned if this trailer doesn’t have me itchin’ to try Galaxy Run out. Spiel Studios may not have the track record of Run Roo Run creators 5th Cell (the folks behind Scribblenauts), but that’s no reason to count them out just yet.

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