Why are you still reading this? Did you miss the headline? *Sigh.* Ok, for those of you who insist on an explanation, here it is:

Oceanhorn is a Zelda-inspired mobile adventure that has blown our collective socks off here at Gamezebo. It’s now available to the public ($8.99 on iTunes), and while we’ve been playing it for a few days, we don’t quite have a review ready yet to sell you on why this is an absolute must-buy.

Is it because we’re lazy? Normally I’d say yes, but with Oceanhorn, it’s because the game is just that @#$%ing big. I’m four hours in, and the game tells me I’m only 17% complete. A lot of that could be sidequesting and bonus play, but even so, story-wise it feels like I’m only a third of the way through. For a mobile game, that’s a lot. That’s like the App Store gaming equivalent of War and Peace.


We have a review in the works. It’s coming. But I can’t do it right now – because I’m too busy playing Oceanhorn. Want a spoiler? You should be too. Snag it here.