Endless running, bubblegum, and steampunk

As we have all learned from cartoons, one can easily float into the air by blowing a really big bubble with some extra sticky bubblegum. The hero of AdvenChewers uses this to his advantage to float and fly across stage after stage of endless running action. Collect coins, rescue birds, and save your father before he’s forced to serve the evil General!

AdvenChewers features a shoestring storyline that involves a lot of steampunk machinations, an evil General bent on world domination or some such thing, and armadas of airships floating through the skies. It mostly serves as a convenient backdrop to put you in the shoes of an adventurer out to save the world. Bubblegum is the real star of the show, and it functions as the main gimmick keeping AdvenChewers entertaining.


Tap the screen to jump, holding down for slightly longer leaps. While airborne, tap again to blow a bubble, holding the screen to float even higher. You can bobble up and down by keeping a good tapping rhythm going, but your bubble will eventually burst if you inflate it too far. Even bubblegum has its limits, you know.

Each level in AdvenChewers features three missions you can complete to earn extra coins. For example, collect five mega coins, use special gum powers, or pick up hidden phoenix feathers that give you a temporary ride on the back of an invincible bird. Level design really encourages you to play, replay, and explore. Stages have multiple paths to check out, so it’s not just jumping over holes and rescuing fowls. Look for coins hidden just off-screen, and don’t be afraid to fly into the air to look for secrets. Phoenix feathers, mega coins, and other surprises often await the eager adventurer. Ahem, AdvenChewer.

In-app purchases are quietly integrated into AdvenChewers‘ gameplay. The coins you collect in-game are used to purchase and use power-ups, many of which alter things like how many coins you earn or how close you have to get to collect them. If you just aren’t that talented at nabbing the gold, a few microtransactions can help fill your pockets with loot. Optional, but nice to have in a pinch, and fairly priced as well.


Almost 50 levels fill out AdvenChewers‘ content quite nicely, and the environments change half a dozen times throughout. The visuals are basic but varied, and offer a lot of nice touches to elicit the occasional nod and grin. The special gum powers shake up the main formula just the right amount, giving you simple abilities such extra-durable bubbles that add to the fun but don’t break the basic mechanics.

While it may not do anything radical for the endless running genre, AdvenChewers quietly creates a lovely gaming atmosphere that’s worth its weight in bubblegum ten times over. Great for quick runs and extended playing sessions alike!