If you’re a fan of tabletop gaming, chances are good that you’ve been in love with deck-building games since they first hit the scene a few years ago. From Dominion to Ascension and everything in between, deck-building has proven to be a winning formula time and time again. 2011’s Quarriors manages to stand-out from the crowd, not just because of its gameplay, but also because of its weight.

Trading the card-based nature of most deck-builders for 130 custom dice, Quarriors was as unique as it was fun. If you’re looking for a lighter alternative to all of those dice, though, WizKids/NECA have announced that their bringing the Quarriors brand to the iPad with a faithful translation of the original release.




We asked our friends (and the tabletop experts) at Perpetual Geek Machine why we should be excited about this upcoming iPad adaptation. Having looked at the Quarriors brand in the past, we figured they’d be the right brains to pick.

“These kinds of games are great in a digital format, because they’re a great place to learn rules and try a game at a much lower price,” said PGM’s Dan Zuccarelli. “The game has a large number of different potential dice pools to buy from, you only have access to a few each game. So I’ve found the best way to get good at those kinds of games it through repetition and many plays [which a digital version is great for]. I’ve gotten significantly better at Small World because I play it so much on my iPad.”

That said, Zuccarelli did caution me that a lot of the fun of Quarriors is in the physical nature of putting dice in your bag, pulling them out, and giving them a roll, “and there’s no way to make digital dice rolling match the real deal.”

Still – the mechanics should be there in full force, even if the tactile element is lacking. If you’re looking to check Quarriors out on the cheap before investing in a physical set, WizKids/NECA should have you covered with an iPad release soon.