I’ve always been a big advocate of multitasking, and now with all the latest advents in mobile technology, game developers have been putting together all sorts of wildly different ideas that we never would have thought were possible before, let alone so totally awesome and fun. For instance, have you ever wanted to read an entire novel while playing an endless runner game?

Well now you may very well have the chance, as the incredibly unique Stride & Prejudice from No Crusts Interactive aims to blend classic literature with the core gameplay mechanics of endless runner mobile games to offer a quirky hodgepodge experience that’s quite unlike anything we’ve seen before.


In short, Stride & Prejudice puts players in the role of a pixelated Lizzy Bennet, as she literally runs and jumps along lines of text that make up the entirety of Jane Austen’s classic novel, Pride and Prejudice. That’s right: you’ll be able to read the entire book as you play through the game. A few nifty features have also been added into Stride & Prejudice to make for the optimal reading experience, such as a Reader Mode which lets you pick up right where you left off reading so you can pace yourself accordingly while still being able to finish the whole book.

And even if you aren’t an Austen fan yourself, there’s certainly no denying the insane cleverness at work here, and what might very well be the most fun you’ll have slogging through that intimidating reading list for English class (although I’m sure this is exactly what Jane Austen had in mind when Pride and Prejudice was first published back in 1813).


So what do you guys think? Is this the way you always imagined reading one of Jane Austen’s works? Are there any other novels out there that you’d like to see get the new and exciting endless runner treatment? Be sure to chime in on our endless runner book club down in the replies!