Remember a few months ago when we first brought you word that Electronic Arts was hard at work on a mobile version of their popular Dragon Age franchise, to be called Heroes of Dragon Age? Well good news! It looks like the highly anticipated game is now live on the Canadian App Store, which is a strong indication that a full-fledged global release could be right around the corner.

Dubbed as the “Founders Edition” on the App Store, Heroes of Dragon Age promises to provide mobile gamers with an experience of “superior quality,” and just looking at those gorgeous screenshots of the role-playing fantasy world in action makes it impossible to doubt those assertions. Featuring hundreds of different characters from the Dragon Age universe, epic quests and even bigger boss battles, this sprawling free-to-play adventure is sure to be a must-have release for any fans of Dragon Age lore.


Heroes of Dragon Age: Founders Edition can be downloaded right now on the Canadian App Store, and be sure to keep checking back on Gamezebo for any word as to when the game will be releasing in your own country as well.