Hunting for hidden objects in a dusty and elaborate manor has become a pastime that’s as old as all of space and time. But now that we’ve had our fair share of searching through the creepiest and most mysterious of mansions, it was only a matter of time before we set our sights on a different location: an enigmatic hotel. To this end, Game Insight has just announced a brand new hidden object adventure called Hotel Enigma, in which players will not only be searching for objects around some rich and photorealistic hotel settings, but also taking a step into some completely alternate dimensions along the way as well!

Coming to us from the same team behind the fantastic Mystery Manor and Mirrors of Albion, the upcoming Hotel Enigma is gearing up to bring hidden object gamers another whimsical adventure that’s brimming with intrigue and dozens of puzzles. The game initially takes place in a quiet inn along the idyllic Ireland hillsides, before events escalate and expand into multiple dimensions (I just knew those weirdos living above me were from a different world!). And the only thing more enthralling than the hidden object gameplay is the captivating storyline full of strange and exciting hotel guests and other characters.

Players themselves will actually be able to travel between these different dimensions by means of a magical suitcase, as they try and track down a mysterious stranger who went missing from the hotel shortly before their arrival. Much like other Game Insight hidden object adventures, Hotel Enigma will feature countless colorful hidden object scenes, as players can craft special tool items to help speed up their progress towards completing sets of rare artifact collectables.

Game Insight’s Hotel Enigma will be released on iPad and Facebook sometime before the year is up: just make sure you check your luggage at the door, because you wouldn’t want your things being taken to another dimension, now would you?