Trilobyte Games has shown us today that it’s never too late to make a new installment of your favorite video game series, even if it takes two whole decades to do it. The 7th Guest was an adventure game first released in 1993, with a follow-up sequel called The 11th Hour hitting shelves in the fall of 1995. And now today, as we come to the close of 2013, the developer has announced that a final episode in the franchise is currently in the works, to be known simply as The 7th Guest: 3.

Just so you have an idea of how long it’s really been, the original The 7th Guest was first released as a means to push hardware sales of computers with this newfangled technology called CD-ROM drives. Well now The 7th Guest: 3, or T7G3 for short, is said to mark a long-awaited return to the puzzle-filled house of notorious villain Henry Stauf, in which the house itself acts as one enormous puzzle to put the player’s mind to the ultimate test.


While the folks at Trilobyte Games plan to closely follow the spirit and charm of the first two entries in the series here in this upcoming third installment, that’s certainly not to say that they won’t be taking advantage of some of the latest technological advances that have occurred since 1995: such as touchscreen controls and rendering Stauf’s mansion in glorious high-definition graphics. As Trilobyte Games CEO Rob Landeros puts it, “We’ve been waiting to make The 7th Guest: 3 for a long time.”

To help finish up the project right and hit their targeted release date of 2014-2015, Trilobyte Games has also launched a Kickstarter campaign for The 7th Guest: 3, where nostalgic project backers could even have the chance to get their very own self-portrait entered into the game as an honorary statue bust, complete with nameplate and everything. For more information on all things T7G3, be sure to check out the ongoing Kickstarter page and get a sneak peek of all the chilling new mysteries that are going to be headed our way soon: let’s just hope that it will be sometime before 2023!