To the mobile Battlethon!

Remember the days when all of the greatest computer games were simply Flash-based experiences that you could play online? Well a lot has certainly changed in the gaming world since then, but one thing that’s managed to stay the same is that amazing Flash games on the internet are still as prevalent as ever! And the best part is that with all of the recent innovations in mobile technology, more and more fantastic web-based Flash games are being ported right onto your touchscreen device; and the next one in line will be none other than King’s League: Odyssey from Gamenauts and Kurechii Studio.

King’s League: Odyssey is a full-fledged iOS port of the top three strategy Flash game on Kongregate, which also earned the popular gaming portal’s coveted “Game of the Month” award for April 2013. Blending equal elements of resource-management and role playing gameplay, the iOS version will take everything that players know and love of King’s League: Odyssey and make it shine for the touchscreen. The upcoming mobile release is said to completely revamp the world of the modest Flash game with sparkling HD graphics, and brand new mobile-exclusive content including additional dungeons, characters, enemies, and quests.

In the game, players are tasked with training recruits from a number of medieval class systems, such as Lancers, Berserkers, and Hunters, as they set off to conquer enemy towns and cities to acquire new resources and make their name resound across the kingdoms. With each new town that players ransack, they’ll be able to upgrade the strength of their training facilities, and as a result, level-up their units to hold their own in battle in the increasingly difficulty kingdom leagues. In addition to the main storyline, King’s League: Odyssey also offers a handful of optional side quests, as well as the punishing Battlethon mode, which is certain to separate the boys from the kings!

All in all, the iOS port of King’s League: Odyssey will feature over 40 different character classes, from the Templar and Enchantress, to the Assassin and Sniper; seven different dungeons and special live events that net you extra gold and gems upon their completion; three challenging difficulty modes; and of course, Game Center leaderboards and over 60 achievements. And all of that is without even mentioning the epic final boss that will be exclusive to the mobile release…

King's League: Odyssey

King’s League: Odyssey is currently slated for a mobile release on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch on November 14, 2013, where players can download it for $1.99. But while you wait, you can always take a peek at the debut gameplay trailer of the upcoming mobile version in action right up there at the top of this page, or better yet, kick it old school and play a few rounds of the original Flash game online right now!