Halloween has always been one of my favorite times of the year. It’s spookily close to my birthday, you get to dress up in all sorts of frightening costumes and scare the living daylights out of your neighbors, and then you get rewarded for all of your efforts with heaps and heaps of delicious candy. But now there’s another reason why I’ve grown to love Halloween: the mass amount of scary new mobile games that hit the App Store just in time for trick-or-treating!

And this Halloween is certainly no different, as when the clock strikes midnight tonight to signal in the coming of October 31, we’ll have a hauntingly realistic auditory adventure about being dead, a death-defying endless jumping game where your innocent Pygmy can meet his demise in a number of excruciating ways, and one of the creepiest physics-based puzzlers I think I’ve ever seen. So get ready to be in for the scares, because here are some of the new mobile games that are gearing up to start your Halloween off right!


Papa Sangre II – Kicking off Halloween in the most frightening way possible tonight, we have the completely auditory horror adventure and highly anticipated sequel to Something Else’s Papa Sangre. In this deliciously spooky follow-up to one of the most innovative mobile games we’ve ever seen (or more appropriately, heard), players will assume the role of a recently deceased person, as they embark on a journey through the darkness to try and restore their essence of life. And do you know what the best part about Papa Sangre II is? The fact that your narrator and guide in the game is none other than actor Sean Bean of Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones! So I guess if I have to be dead, then hearing Ned Stark in my ear for all eternity wouldn’t be such a bad thing in hindsight.


Pocket God: Ooga Jump – From the creators of the incredibly popular and successful Pocket God comes a spin-off title of sorts called Ooga Jump, which features those lovable, yet doomed, little tribesmen known as the Pygmies launching themselves all the way up to the jungle treetops in search of shining treasure. Billed as an endless jumping game along the lines of Doodle Jump, Ooga Jump marks a much welcomed return of the quirky and borderline sadistic humor that was prevalent in Pocket God, with tons of hazards and hostile enemies filling the skies and looking to cause your little Pygmies harm in some violently unspeakable ways. Can’t these little guys just catch a break for once? Nah, what kind of fun would that be. Bring on the doom!


Soccer Moves – I’ve always enjoyed the sport of soccer, even though I was much better suited for sitting on the team bench and eating all of the orange slices instead of playing any of the positions on the actual field. But that doesn’t mean I still can’t appreciate some fancy footwork when I see it! Soccer Moves by Fuzzy Logic is a strategic soccer game, pure and simple, which blends the perfect amount of realism and cartoonish character designs to make for a truly unique (and beautiful) visual presentation. As far as the gameplay is concerned, players will be tasked with rising up through the ranks from novice to pro, by taking on eight different defender types that are all inspired by real-world legendary soccer stars. Will you be able to move, pass, and shoot your way to the top of the stadium today?


Vlad – I guess it’s only befitting that Halloween would bring with it one of the creepiest and peculiar physics-puzzlers that I’ve probably ever seen. In this stylish new game from Bulkypix, players are cast in the titular role of Vlad, who happens to be a mysterious black ink blob creature with eyes and what appear to be wiggly tentacles. Your goal in Vlad is to reach the sky and meet the spirit of each different world, as you manipulate the environment around you: which just so happens to be filled with frightening stone blocks with scarily realistic faces, smiling magnets, mechanical wastelands, and even a giant wispy snowball-looking creature with a big old mouth and two prominent buckteeth. I can’t say I know exactly what this incredibly odd game is going to have in store for us tonight, but you can bet your wiggly black tentacles that I’m more than a little excited to find out!