Let’s be honest, there’s very little chance Mario Party will ever be available to download from the App Store or Google Play. Hell will freeze over before Nintendo releases its popular mini-game-packed party favourite on mobile devices. Luckily, though, there are plenty of similar time-wasters on Apple and Google’s digital stores to sink your teeth into, such as Codigames’ King of Party, which pits you against other players from around the world.

Your aim is to outmanoeuvre, outperform, and generally outclass your opponents across six increasingly difficult and unique mini-games that see you lift, balance, and skate your way to gaming supremacy.


Mario Party isn’t the only game to have influenced King of Party.

King of Party is inspired by various games and mechanics. We’ve always liked the games that you can enjoy with friends and family, so we made King of Party for anyone who wants to enjoy it, regardless of the type of mobile device,” Francisco Jose Martinez Gomez, Codigames’ CEO, said.

“We’ve added our own interpretation of fun mini-games and competitive social systems similar to the ones found in Age of Empires 2 or League of Legends, and we have a game that will delight those who want to have a lot of fun.”


Gomez is incredibly proud of his game’s “social online multiplayer component”. In fact, it’s “without any doubt” one of the features that he’s most proud of.

“We have seen that after the great success of titles like Clash of Clans, all the games that have followed are just copies and more copies of the same game,” Fran Martinez remarked.

“We felt that social games had to evolve into something richer and more varied and become a more active and intense experience. We decided to develop the genre to include real-time multiplayer experiences.”

Fran Martinez and his team at Codigames developed King of Party to be cross-platform, so you don’t have to “worry about what kind of device” your friends own when you’re looking for an opponent to challenge.

According to Fran Martinez, it’s this feature that sets King of Party apart from other similar games on the App Store and Google Play.


King of Party is available to download from the App Store and Google Play completely free of charge, which is something Codigames wanted right from the beginning of the development process.

Naturally, when using the freemium model, there’s always the risk of the game turning from free-to-play into pay-to-win. Fran Martinez, however, believes Codigames has succeeded in avoiding this issue.

“We were always clear about the fact that the game had to be downloaded for free. We wanted people to enjoy a large number of mini-games totally free along with all the systems of achievements, competitions and customization,” Fran Martinez said.

“Our goal is that the competition is clean and not altered by people paying for winning, and we’ve certainly succeeded.”


Over the course of the next few weeks and months, Codigames plans to add even more mini-games to King of Party, and port its game to as many platforms as it possibly can. You’ll be able to choose which mini-games and gameplay mechanics are added, and even help decide which improvements are implemented in the game.

“Our intention is to launch updates every 14 – 21 days. We plan to release new mini-games that will be voted for by the players themselves, and of course to have as many different mechanics as possible so we delight our players, Fran Martinez stated.

King of Party will be on as many platforms as possible. Right now we’ll be in the Apple Store, Google Play and Amazon Store, but we’ll continue working to expand this number to other platforms, such as Windows Phone or Facebook.”

Grab King of Party from the App Store or Google Play right now for free.