What would mobile games these days be without innovation? If mobile game developers didn’t try to push the envelope at every turn when it comes to their latest creations, then we might all be living in a world where all of the best mobile games have graphics no better than Pong, with about the same relative sense of depth in the gameplay!

Well luckily for us, the mobile space has become one of the biggest sources of innovation in the gaming industry at large, and one would only need to look at some of tonight’s upcoming iOS releases to see exactly what I mean. From a smooth iOS port of a cult classic PC and console game, to a mobile racing game that actually runs in real life, to a platform-adventure that uses real 3D without the need for any glasses, just keep on reading for all of the new and innovative mobile gaming experiences that are in store for you tonight!



BIT.TRIP RUN! – It’s no secret around these parts that we here at Gamezebo are huge fans of everything that Gaijin Games has been putting out lately. Okay that’s a lie – we’re kind of totally obsessed. And what better way to get our rhythm-music platforming on than by playing a mobile release of the fantastic Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, rechristened here as simply BIT.TRIP RUN! In this new mobile version, players will get to experience everything that made the challenging PC and console game such a smash hit, with the controls and various game elements being highly refined to fit the new mobile platform accordingly. With gorgeous visuals, lots of head-boppin’ rhythm, and epic levels and challenges every way you run, we’re definitely going to be jumping to the beat tonight.


Anki Drive – Okay, so maybe this one is cheating a little bit because Anki Drive has already gone live on the App Store as of this morning, and its starter kits should already be fully stocked in supporting retail stores as well: but how could we not offer up a little reminder about the very first mobile game that you can play in real life? Well in case you happened to miss my extensive preview of the game, Anki Drive is an extremely ambitious and innovative new game in which players use a sleek mobile app to control physical racecars around a rollable track that gets placed right on the floor of your home! Given the game’s intricate upgrade and progression system, not to mention the fact that your cars can shoot weapons and get smarter the more that they drive, this is surely one that should be placed high on your mobile radar this week.


Hazel Dazzle – Described on its official App Store game page as the “First iPad game in using real 3D without players wearing any glasses,” Hazel Dazzle from Wake Studios is truly a beauty to behold. Upon seeing the action in the game for the first time, the 3D platforming adventure will likely draw the most comparisons to Super Mario Galaxy on the Nintendo Wii, with fully 3D spherical planets that you’ll be guiding your character around in order to solve a number of environmental puzzles that heavily rely on the player’s changing visual perspective. From giant clock faces to lush forest realms, each one of Hazel Dazzle‘s four tiny worlds contains an epic and puzzle-filled dungeon hiding within, as Hazel braves the far throes of space in order to protect the endangered Mirari legacy from the evil Doctor.


Strike Wing: Raptor Rising – You would think that by the year 2013, space travel would be a much more common thing for the everyday person. Come on scientists, what are you waiting for?! Well at least in the meantime we can enjoy mobile games like Strike Wing: Raptor Rising to give us the total outer space package right from our living rooms. And while the galactic skies of this space combat simulator are absolutely gorgeous in how they appear on your mobile device, I wouldn’t spend too much time taking in all of the scenery if I were you: as there are going to be plenty of other enemy ships hell-bent on trying to blast you right back down to earth! With slick touchscreen controls and missions that adapt to your own unique playing styles, Strike Wing: Raptor Rising may not be the same as going into space in real life, but it certainly comes pretty darn close.