Sometimes when I’m just sitting here, waiting for it to be midnight so I can play all of the great new mobile games that are coming out, I like to ponder some of the bigger questions about life, death, and the universe. I usually tend to start with a few tough ones, like “What are we doing here?” and “What is my purpose?” before moving on to the really important ones, like “What’s the deal with airplane food these days?”

Interestingly enough, a lot of tonight’s biggest mobile releases dip into these subject matters of life, death, and the universe as well! You’ll trek across all ends of the earth as a courageous dog to make sure your missing owner is found alive. You’ll see what happens when two pixels accidentally collide and die. And you’ll even take a baseball bat and send some wacky rabbits straight into the next universe.


Device 6 – Building off the resounding adoration and awe that was expressed by the mobile community at large over their last game, Year Walk, Simogo is returning tonight with another sure-to-be innovative touchscreen experience called Device 6. And I say “experience” here instead of “game,” because everything we’ve seen and read about Device 6 so far indicates something truly remarkable and nothing quite like anything you’ve played before. Described on the official game page as “a surreal thriller in which the written word is your map, as well as your narrator,” Device 6 exudes just as much mystery as it does style and design. Will you be able to solve them all come midnight?


Mimpi – In many ways, Mimpi can be described as a traditional sidescrolling platformer set for the modern mobile age: in that your jumps will be accentuated by touchscreen manipulation of the game world around you. Just as much about puzzles as it is about the platforming, players will take control of the titular dog as he embarks on a fantastic quest to find his master, which takes the fearless canine across eight different and diverse worlds. And variety is certainly the name of the game here in Mimpi, as you’ll never once encounter the same kind of scenery or puzzle type twice throughout your entire adventure. Somebody get this courageous dog a bone, or at the very least a fire hydrant!


Mega Dead Pixel – Described by the developers as “The world’s first Addictive Arcade Retro Pixel Endless Faller,” I’m not really sure there’s much more left to say about Mega Dead Pixel, other than throwing a few other adjectives into the mix like “Awesome” and “Nostalgic” and “Wonderful.” Mega Dead Pixel is so retro that it makes the arcade classic Space Invaders look modern, with the concept of pixels not only making up the entirety of the game’s artwork, but letting you play as the little pixelated fellows yourself! The aim of the game is to guide your pixel pal down a harrowing obstacle-ridden fall through a minefield of other pixels – knowing full well that when two pixels collide, it always certainly means death!


Rabbids Big Bang – Who possibly doesn’t love the Rabbids?! The awkward little bunny creatures first made their debut in the world of Rayman and friends all those years ago, and have since gone on to star in every kind of spin-off game under the sun. Well this time, it looks like the little fuzzy guys will actually be approaching the sun, as the Rabbids gear up to adventure through the universe in Rabbids Big Bang. Utilizing simple one-touch controls, players will use a baseball bat to smack their Rabbids into the great beyond of space, while guiding them along the planets and stars in 10 crazy galaxies and 150 challenging missions. I bet that first monkey sent to space is feeling pretty jealous right about now.