Do you know exactly how many dragons you’ve hatched in DragonVale over the last two years since the insanely popular social game was first released into the world? Well Backflip Studios could give you a pretty close estimate – and that number adds up to a whole lot of dragon babies flapping around. To commemorate the huge success of the game, and to give back to its legions of dedicated players, Backflip Studios has a few fun surprises in store for DragonVale players starting today.

To celebrate this monumental 2-year achievement, which included over 750 consecutive days of being in the iOS Top 50 Grossing U.S. charts, Backflip Studios has hatched a brand new title update for the game today called “Light & Dark,” which includes 38 brand new dragon types across both “Light” and “Dark” designations, as well as a special Light & Dark community event. The unique event itself lets players vote on whether they want the Light or Dark dragons to dominate the skies in the future of DragonVale.

Backflip Studios has also released a pretty neat infograph for DragonVale alongside this exciting announcement, which contains some cool tidbits and other facts on how much the game has really grown since its initial launch in 2011. For instance, over 600 million dragon eggs have been hatched in the game to date, and roughly 38,034 years of time have been played across all users, with an average of 133 play sessions per player. The game has enjoyed over 25 million downloads worldwide, with the highest concentration of DragonVale downloads originating in the United States, Denmark, and Australia. Furthermore, the most sought-after dragons currently include the Panlong Dragon, the Rainbow Dragon, and the Bluefire Dragon.

You can take a peek at the full colored infograph over on the Backflip Studios official “2 Years” page, and get a glimpse of the teaser trailer for the Light & Dark update right within this article. The new content can be accessed via a free update to DragonVale that has just gone live today. It’s time to get back to hatching!