With so many new games being put on the market each and every day, the possibilities for adventure have truly become limitless in today’s mobile world. But what’s even more exciting than that is the fact that now anyone or anything can truly become the object of their very own adventure: the likes of which most gamers have never seen before!

For instance, in tonight’s new mobile games, we have one adventure of a tiny fox or raccoon-like animal who’s just looking for love; we have another adventure about a fearless treasure hunter who accidentally disturbs the dead across all of Ancient Egypt; and of course, stretching our knowledge of traditional adventure to the absolute brim, we have an epic adventure through the history of typography, as undertaken by two mere punctuation marks. So what kinds of mobile adventuring will you find yourself embarking on tonight? Well keep on reading to find out!


Monster Adventures – Oh, Monster Adventures, you had me at “Pokémon meets Zelda.” In this colorful new adventure from Foursaken Media, players will start out by catching, customizing, and even creating their very own team of adorable yet deadly little monsters, before taking them out in the field to complete a number of Zelda-esque RPG adventure segments. And true to form, you’ll be picking up tons of loot the further you adventure into the wilderness, and completing dozens of quests in the sprawling single-player campaign. With a unique 3D art style that’s just brimming with personality and polygons, and a multiplayer component that lets you battle other players’ monsters from all around the world, this game goes to show that monsters can have just as many adventures as us weathered heroes ourselves!


Type:Rider – Okay, I’ll admit it: the inherent writer in me practically screamed like a 5-year-old girl as soon as I read the premise of BulkyPix’s Type:Rider, which sort of looks like what Limbo would have been if the main character was two punctuation marks, and the industrial jungle environments were replaced with historical landmarks and different letters and font types. In the game, players will roll their two little black dots throughout the entire history of typography, from cave paintings in the Stone Age, to pixel art in the 2000s, while meeting all of the Times New Roman and Comic Sans fonts and characters that you can ever imagine in between!


Rakoo’s Adventure – Boy, these mobile developers are really packing on the “adventures” this week, aren’t they? Well Rakoo’s Adventure is of the level-based runner variety, and the bright cartoony visuals and smooth animations look like something straight out of a Disney cartoon. In the game, players assume the role of a little fox or raccoon-like creature named Rakoo, as he ventures off into the forest with a lone flower in paw in order to find his one true love. But of course, no one ever said that love comes easy, and so before Rakoo’s 30 levels of romantic searching are up, he’ll be met with all sorts of harrowing obstacles and enemies to overcome, from lumbering bears to a giant beached octopus!


Escape from Doom – A word of advice: never go out and disturb the eternal slumber of the Ancient Egyptians while you’re out raiding their pyramids of treasure. It turns out they don’t like it too much, and are even prone to rise from the dead and hunt you down to all ends of the blistering sands. And so begins your exhilarating 3D desert quest for survival in Trigger Happy’s Escape from Doom. The game gives off a real Serious Sam or Duke Nukem vibe, and instead of just standing stationary and picking off each zombie mummy that slowly lumbers on by, the game even throws a bit of endless runner flair into the mix, by having your character constantly sprinting ahead and taking down every decorated undead pharaoh that gets in his path!