Blimpie Run is a new and pretty unique arcade runner for iOS and Android. There are lots of running titles on the App Store, you see, but only Kahala’s Blimpie Run gives you the opportunity to win free delicious subs for a year from Blimpie – America’s oldest and continually operating sandwich chain.

In Blimpie Run, you take control of a young sub called Del E. Fresh, and take off across California, Arizona, and Georgia. Your aim is to pick up fresh sandwich ingredients, avoiding dangerous obstacles and hazards like crabs, scorpions, and skunks along the way.

Each month, Blimpie will select one gamer at random from a large pool of the highest-scoring US-based Blimpie Run players, and award them with free sandwiches for 12 months. Tasty.




Blimpie Run may have been inspired by the likes of Temple Run and Subway Surfers, but – unlike these classic endless-runners – it features multiple levels (with more to come in updates).

“We wanted to create a game that would give users an experience similar to endless running games like Temple Run and Subway Surfers that have received a lot of positive feedback, but we also wanted to incorporate multiple levels,” Matt Gallager, Kahala’s director of digital marketing, said.

“Blimpie is known as ‘America’s Sub Shop’ and adding the levels allowed us to pay tribute to some of the cities and states that Blimpie has been a part of for many years. Formatting it this way also gives users a sense of accomplishment because they have to beat one level in order to unlock the next.”




Although inspired by titles that have already earned popularity on the App Store and Google Play, Gallagher believes that Blimpie Run is unique.

“There are really two things that set Blimpie Run apart from other runner games on the market: First is that with every point you earn in the game, you’re working towards an entry into our monthly drawing to win Free Subs for a Year. Second is that we’re a brand launching this game, but we’re not going to try to sell our products to you at every turn,” he said.

“The point is to give our fans something fun that just happens to have the Blimpie name on it. You’re not going to see ads at the end of each level or us trying to sell you whatever our newest sandwich is – the only thing you’ll see from us in the game other than actual gameplay is the opportunity to receive coupons or earn more points towards the Free Subs drawing (by doing things like tweeting about your score).”




It’s this social sharing aspect of Blimpie Run that Gallagher is most proud of, but he’s also pleased with the way in which the competition element of the game has been implemented.

“The social sharing component we’ve built in to Blimpie Run is something you don’t see from a lot of branded apps. I’m also really happy with the way we incorporated the opportunity for users to win a great prize like Free Subs for a Year. And all they have to do to be entered is play a game.”

“The way we structured it is that every 10,000 points you earn by running through levels or collecting produce gets you one entry into our monthly drawing for the Free Subs for a Year. You can earn as many entries as you want, and the more you play, the better your odds are of winning. But the drawing is random, so even someone who plays casually could win,” Gallagher concluded.




Blimpie Run is currently only available to download from the App Store and Google Play, but Gallagher and his team are “open to the possibility” of releasing it on other platforms like Windows Phone “if the demand is there”.

Blimpie Run is available to download for free. Although Gallagher believes that “paid apps are great for some purposes” free-to-play was the only option he and his team ever really considered.

“We were really just looking to provide something fun and engaging for our fans. Not to mention the possibility of winning Free Subs for a Year. People say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but with Blimpie Run there really is!,” Gallagher explained.

Grab your trainers and download Blimpie Run as a Universal app from the App Store and Google Play right this second.