Wouldn’t it be cool if there was some way we could actually visit the many vast and wonderful places that we experience in our favorite mobile games from day to day? Maybe it’s just me, but a lot of those fantasy worlds seem to have a lot more going for them than the dull suburban streets sitting right outside my window.

All of tonight’s new mobile games have been specifically designed to take you to some fascinating places: whether that means a bright cartoony kingdom where a boxer-wearing warrior is nothing out of the norm; a twisted fairytale world where all of your favorite characters have a screw or two loose; or even a blinking and exhilarating neon world where jumping is the difference between success and a never-ending fall.


Trouserheart – Have you ever just looked at a new mobile game and immediately thought to yourself, “Wow it’s like they made this thing specifically for me?” Well that’s the exact same sentiment that crossed my mind the first time I got a glimpse of 10tons’ Trouserheart: an epic cartoony fantasy adventure that puts you in the role of a bushy ginger-bearded king who flaunts his pair of heart-shaped-polka-dotted boxers right into battle. Players will take control of this fearless (and shameless) leader as they hack and slash their way through a number of gorgeous environments, felling all the ugliest of monsters and scooping up all the most valuable of loot!


Pocket Trains – Well, there goes any hopes of productivity I had for the rest of the week! It was only last month when the internet learned that Pocket Trains was going to become an actual playable thing, after NimbleBit’s big reveal that their smash-hit Pocket Planes was originally supposed to be about trains, way back when and once upon a time. Well now it looks like tonight we’ll finally have the chance to don our pixelated conductor’s hat, and usher all the busy Bitizens into every crowded train compartment we can muster, as NimbleBit gears up to take us on a bite-sized trip across the tracks: stretching everywhere from Madagascar to St. Petersburg.


Boson X – True story: I thought the title of this game for the longest time was “Boston X,” and couldn’t figure out for the life of me what a high-octane, adrenaline-pumping game about quantum jumping had to do with the city of Boston. Shows what I know, because the actually named Boson X looks to be the next great installment in that elite group of quick and brutally challenging games we all know and love, like Super Hexagon and Impossible Road. But this one is all about jumping, and jumping well: you know, as the entire world around you goes haywire with bright colors and speed!


Fading Fairytales – Some might say the best role-playing games take place in a richly populated fantasy world, and to that, Crescent Moon Games’ Fading Fairytales provides that kind of setting in spades. However, the twist comes when you realize you won’t be playing as your favorite fairytale heroes themselves, but rather fighting against them! I mean, how could you not be into a game whose App Store description page reads: “Fight the corruption of formerly good fairytale folk and take out the likes of Robin Hood, Pinocchio, and Aladdin”? I don’t know about you, but I’m with these guys: that smarmy wooden puppet has had this one coming for a while now!