Taking advantage of the amazing new features of iOS 7, Wooga has unveiled today a new global league system update for their popular gem-matching game, Diamond Dash. The announcement marks Diamond Dash as being the very first arcade game to incorporate a global multiplayer league system, in which you’ll be able to compete against 173 million other players from all over the world, to find out just who’s the best at matching those gems.

Here’s how the new global league system in Diamond Dash is going to work: players will first work their way through the beginning Bronze, Silver, and Gold leagues, before moving their gem-rushing skills up the ladder to compete in the prestigious Diamond League. The system will also match players against each other according to their own personal skill, and the leagues are also said to provide cross-platform support on both iPhone and iPad, for the 33 million players who have downloaded the game on iOS since its initial App Store release in December of 2011.


And since this is a worldwide event we’re talking about here, Wooga has also given us a few global statistics about where Diamond Dash players stand so far. For instance, the player with the best average score currently lives in the Vatican City, while the players who blast the most gems per round typically seem to be from Taiwan and Austria. So will you be starting up your own Diamond Dash league this week and putting your country on the gem-matching map? Be sure to let us know down in the replies!