Game Introduction – Giant Boulder of Death

Giant Boulder of Death is an action game from Adult Swim Games, wherein you will be asked to roll a giant boulder down a hill, causing as much damage as you can along the way. While the object of the game sounds simple, you will have many challenging goals that will make the game more difficult the more you play. With Gamezebo’s quick start guide, you’ll have all of the tips, tricks, and walkthroughs you’ll need to stay ahead of the game.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

Giant Boulder of Death

  • To get started quickly, go ahead and click on the “Play Now” button at the top of this screen. Giant Boulder of Death is a free to play game, so there’s no worry if you discover it’s not your bag.
  • Once you start the game for the first time, you will be able to tap on the screen to immediately begin playing.


Giant Boulder of Death

  • At this point, it’s very important that you learn how the game controls so that you may crash into as many items as possible.
  • To move the boulder left or right, you will need to tilt the device in either direction. If you want to move the boulder to the left, tilt the device so that the top of it is tilted to the left. You can do the opposite for moving to the right.
  • As the boulder rolls down the hill, there will be obstacles you’ll want to avoid. To make sure you avoid them, and for strategy, you can jump by tapping on the screen. The boulder will then leap into the air, avoiding obstacles that may have been in its path.

Items to Destroy and Scoring

  • There are certain items during play that you will want to destroy, as well as avoid. Let’s go over some of them so that you understand the difference.
  • Trees are the most common destructible item, and they are only worth 1 point as a result. Fences are also only worth 1, as they are found all over the countryside.

Giant Boulder of Death

  • Villagers tend to be worth quite a bit more, netting around 40 points as a minimum from the start. This is due to them being a bit more rare than the rest of the items.

Giant Boulder of Death

  • Soldiers tend to be some of the more rare items in the game, and are therefore worth quite a bit more than most items. These are red-coated men you’ll see as you roll down the hill.
  • Essentially, the more rare an item is, the more points it is worth when it’s destroyed.
  • When you manage to knock over a certain amount of items and not have your boulder destroyed, the boulder will power-up into “Spike mode” which then allows it to take out anything in its path and therefore move quicker.
  • When “Spike mode” is activated, obstacles that would normally destroy the boulder will be destroyed themselves. These obstacles are worth significantly more than any other item in the game. When you have “Spike mode,” aim for the spiked obstacles over all others.
  • As your boulder careens down the hill, the score you receive will multiply. That means that if an item is worth 1 point, it will be worth 2, 3, or even 4 points the further the boulder gets down the hill.
  • Obviously, this means that your highest scores will come by having the boulder be as far down the hill as possible. However, keep in mind that the obstacles will be more and more difficult to dodge the further down the hill you get.

Results and Upgrades

  • If the boulder falls into a hole or is demolished by an obstacle in its path, the game will be over for the time being and you will be shown a results screen.

Giant Boulder of Death

  • On this results screen, you will be shown the score you were able to obtain by rolling down the hill.
  • If you have connected to Facebook, you would then be able to see how you stacked up in the game against your friends.
  • After each round, you will be given the option to upgrade your boulder to make it more powerful, and give you many advantages while you play.

Giant Boulder of Death

  • Jump Height can increase the maximum height that your boulder can jump, Steering Speed can make your boulder turn quicker when you tilt, and Invinci Duration will increase the time your boulder can be in “Spike mode.”
  • As you play and increase your high score, more and more upgrades will become available for your boulder.  It’s probably a good idea to head back to the upgrade screen after every round, and you should upgrade as often as possible. Having a more powerful boulder will always help while playing.


You have completed Gamezebo’s quick start guide for Giant Boulder of Death. Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forums comments and much more here at Gamezebo!