What would an Apple press event be without a great big game announce to support their latest hardware? The iPhone 5C and 5S announcements are underway right now (read the full reveal on Gamezebo shortly!), and as part of the festivities, Donald Mustard of ChAIR entertainment took to the stage to reveal “the epic conclusion of the Infinity Blade trilogy.”

While there aren’t a ton of details quite yet, The Verge confirmed on its liveblog that you’ll be able to select between two players, and that there’ll be a much more open world to explore. Impressions from those at the event have been just about what you’d expect from an new Infinity Blade reveal. “The gameplay is absolutely gorgeous,” said Engadget‘s Brad Molen. “64-bit architecture is so efficient I did a double-take,” said Arstechnica‘s Andrew Cunningham.

It sounds as though the game should be hitting the App Store at the same time as the 5S. No release date has been announced on the phone yet (but no doubt will be in the next few minutes). UPDATE: The official Inifinity Blade Twitter account has confirmed a Sept 18th release date, two days before the launch fo the 5S.

And now, please join me in a moment of silence for the now cancelled (and previous Apple-event announced) Infinity Blade: Dungeons.