It’s a fairly common thing these days to see a video game modeled after some kind of short story or novel, but it’s much less often that we get to see a new book created out of one of our favorite indie games to be released this year! Might and Delight, the indie developer behind last month’s incredible survival adventure Shelter, has revealed a new illustrated picture book they’ve made for children called The Circle, which takes the same concepts of the PC and Mac game while putting all of its heart and essence onto digital pages.

While Shelter the game has players assuming the role of a mother badger as she tries to find food and protect her badger children, The Circle instead puts readers in the perspective of one of these little badgers, as they follow their mother and try to understand the dangers of the big open world. The overarching theme of the book is definitely the circle of life, in which plants and animals must feed off one another in order to survive: an important concept that is wordlessly and poignantly explained in the pages of the book.

The book’s illustrations use that same beautiful and papery style that makes up the graphics of the game, and at only two dozen or so pages long, seems to be the perfect companion piece for any child (or Shelter fan) who loves a whimsical animal-fronted adventure. Luckily, the ending of the book has a much happier outlook than the game itself, and doesn’t feature the inherently depressing possibility of Shelter where players can lose all of their badger babies to the wild and are forced to continue on alone.

The best part is that The Circle can be downloaded completely for free on the official Shelter website, so be sure to check it out and let us know how the mother badger survival adventure translates onto this different medium down in the replies!