PopCap has released a mysterious teaser video today that may very well be the only clue we have right now as to what the first free Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time title update has in store. The trailer in question features lots of corn, and a zombie or two of course.

The trailer begins with a lone zombie wandering around in the middle of a corn field, before the camera zooms far out to give an aerial view of a giant crop circle-esque image of a zombie! It’s some pretty mysterious stuff don’t you think? I’d say that zombie crop circles rank right up there with Stonehenge among the world’s biggest natural mysteries.

Now even though the zombie depicted in the crop circle is wearing a cowboy hat and bandana akin to our undead friends in the Wild West world of PvZ 2, I think it’s pretty safe to assume that this trailer is in anticipation for the game’s next title update, which PopCap has already confirmed would include a new “Far Future” world.

So what does this mean for us PvZ fans? Well for one thing, it would appear that we’ll be making the acquaintance of some alien zombies from a far off distant universe (let’s just hope they come in peace, or else we’ll make sure they leave in pieces!). Of course, unless PopCap plans to include Mel Gibson from Signs in the next batch of levels, in which case we’d imagine that would probably be just as frightening to find on our lawn as a pack of brain-hungry alien zombies.

You can take a gander at the mysterious new trailer for yourself right at the bottom of this page, and for more fun speculation on what new updates the folks at PopCap might have in store later on down the road, be sure to check out our feature on 5 time periods that we’d like to see in future PvZ 2 updates.