Because if you and 19 friends can’t fight with virtual tanks on your iPad, what’s the point in living?

Big tanks are big business. If you don’t believe me, just ask the military. Or better yet, ask Their family of games, led by the insanely popular World of Tanks, is bringing in millions of dollars every month. But hey – why should they have all the fun(ds)?

Game Insight, the publisher behind free-to-play mobile hits like Mystery Manor and The Tribez, is readying to launch a ground assault of their own.

Scheduled to debut on the iPad in late September, Tank Domination is looking to do for mobile gaming what World of Tanks has done for the desktop. The game is promising 10-on-10 synchronous multiplayer tank battles with jaw-dropping visuals. It’s a massive feat to accomplish on a tablet. Game Insight’s brand manager Andrew Park described it as a “huge job” when speaking with Gamezebo. But with the game’s fall release fast approaching, it seems as though that hard work is about to pay off.

Tank Domination takes place in the not-to-distant future, in a (hopefully) not-true-to-life, not-actually-going-to-happen sci-fi scenario in which the world’s governments collapse due to a lack of resources,” Park told us. “This gives rise to massive mercenary outfits that use modern-day tanks to do battle in different theaters of war around the world, including the Middle East and Asia.”

Tank Domination

It’s a scary-pseudo future – and one that might sound common in a lot of video games – yet it finds itself in stark contrast with the historical settings of the game’s chief competitor. While gamers may be quick to judge Tank Domination as a World of Tanks clone that fits in your pocket, Park points to the game’s era as one of the elements that should help set it apart. “It’s hard to avoid the comparison,” Park said, “but there actually are real differences. Because of the game’s timeframe, we have no restrictions with respect to the era of tank armor we can incorporate, including the different types of equipment players can use to customize their tanks.”

The tanks themselves will be based on modern designs, and Game Insight is promising to have more than 30 thanks available at launch. The variety should lend itself nicely to different play styles, which should make team-balancing a fun effort for those who fully commit. “My personal favorite is artillery-class armor,” says Park. “There’s nothing like raining down death from above on the opposing team – provided there’s good recon from teammates in light and medium tanks who can get me eyes on the enemy!”

Tank Domination

Getting eyes on the enemy isn’t just for players, though. is expected to launch their own mobile tank game in the near future: World of Tanks: Blitz. It’s a reality that must weigh heavily on the team at Game Insight, yet in our conversation, Park was hesitant to comment too much on the competition. “Our main goal isn’t to be the first the market,” he told us. “It’s to make the highest quality game experience we can for when we launch the game in late September.”

It seems as though Game Insight is worried less about their competitors than they are about putting out the best product possible. It’s the right attitude to have; especially when you’re coming to play in someone else’s yard. To come out from under the shadow of comparison, they’ll need to put out a product that stands on its own two feet.

Will Tank Domination have the artillery it needs to obliterate your free time? Find out for yourself when when Tank Domination launches for free on the iPad this September. An Android release (and cross-platform multiplayer) will follow sometime after that.