NGames has announced that a new character class will be joining the ranks of its popular browser-based MMORPG, Wartune: the Knight. The biggest change that players will see when controlling a Knight is that now they’ll have the opportunity to face their foes head on, with a wide array of powerful and physical attacks that are sure to put some character-defining dents in your suit of armor.

The Knight is said to function in the game as a mighty barrier of sorts, in protecting the more vulnerable members of your team from oncoming damage. However, just because that big glittering sword he wields can act as a pretty effective defense measure, don’t you think for a second that he doesn’t know how to use it for a few devastating offensive hacks and slashes as well!

NGames has even revealed some expert advice alongside this news on how to best use your new Knight character class in Wartune, which boils down to mastering three different features of the battling portion of gameplay: stance, which determines the power of your attacks and how fortified your defense is; tactics, which encompass everything from item preparation and equipment enhancement, to guild institute skills upgrades and runes; and finally, understanding the Knight’s own special skills and hidden techniques.

The Knight will be joining the already existing Archer and Mage character classes in the addicting strategy- and RPG-hybrid universe of Wartune.