Surprises on the Canadian App Store have been few and far between lately, but if Disney keeps pre-releasing unannounced games at this rate, that’s a complaint we’ll have to put to rest. A few weeks ago we brought you news of a Ducktales team-based shooter, and today we’ve spotted two more free-to-play offerings from the House of Mouse.

Snow White: The Queen’s Return offers players a chance to rescue Snow White and her seven short friends from the evil Queen. We’ve only dabbled with it for a brief few moments, but so far, it seems safe to compare the experience to Disney’s earlier title, Ghosts of Mistwood.




Alice in Wonderland: A New Champion is a bit of a surprise. Instead of finding its roots in the 1951 animated classic, this game is based on the 2010 live-action feature by Tim Burton.

Thanks for laughing, but that wasn’t a joke.




But while the setting might leave us a bit puzzled, the gameplay manages to set itself apart from the pack. Again, our experiences with the game were brief, but what our quick taste showed us was a game that was something of a treasure hunt with narrative elements. Similar in spirit to now defunct games like Adventure World and Treasure Isle, but not quite similar in design.

Want to know more? Be sure to check back in with Gamezebo next week, when we’ll share our full hands-on preview with both games.