There hasn’t been an official announcement, and Disney isn’t willing to comment quite yet, but it looks like there’s a very real chance that Where’s My Water? 2 is a thing that’s happening.

Take a look at the most recent tweet by @walaber, better known on his fat Disney paychecks as Tim FitzRandolph, creator of the Where’s My? Series, and you’ll see a tweet from August 20th that shows a pretty surprising picture: what appears to be cookies (maybe?) with Swampy’s face and a big, pipey number 2.




There’s literally nothing else to go on quite yet, but come on… are you surprised? Where’s My Water? cemented Disney’s reputation as a top mobile games developer (which, btw, I totally predicted back in 2011). After a few spin-offs, I think a sequel was pretty much inevitable.

We’ll let you know just as soon as Disney sheds some light on this clever reveal.