I spy with my little eye a bargain that starts with “S”. Splinter Cell: Blacklist was released earlier this week at the usual AAA game price of $59.99 – but thanks to the latest Gamezebo deal you can get save 25% on the PC version right now!

You can snag a Uplay code for Sam Fischer’s latest adventure through our Gamezebo Deals page for only $44.99. The game is currently sitting at a tidy 82% on Metacritic, making the sixth installment in the Splinter Cell series a bonafide summer hit.

If you’ve been missing Sam’s espionage antics in recent years, or the splendid Spies vs Mercs multiplayer, there’s no better time to jump back into the action. Click here to buy Splinter Cell: Blacklist for only $44.99 today!