Hear that sound? That’s the sound of every gamer from the 1990s rejoicing, because EA and Mythic Studio have announced at Gamescom today that a full mobile reboot of the hugely popular Dungeon Keeper game is currently on the way! Dungeon Keeper on mobile will see the triumphant return of every old-school gamer’s favorite dungeon overlord Horny, as the game reintroduces fans to its classic blend of strategic dungeon building and tower defense gameplay.

Much like the original version from the 1990s, the upcoming mobile release of Dungeon Keeper will find players taking on the role of a devious overlord as they build an intricate network of tunnels and dungeons to form an underground lair, and fill it with all sorts of devious traps as they scour the subterranean world for the most valuable of treasures. But since stealing heaps of treasure these days rarely goes without a hitch, another big facet of Dungeon Keeper is the collection and management of your own horde of evil minions, which you’ll be able to command as you invade other players’ dungeons, and protect your own from any oncoming threats through the game’s exhilarating PvP and PvE styles of gameplay.

And of course, this is all without even mentioning the delicious wit that permeates throughout the experience and the graphics that look just a tad bit improved than they did in the 90s. Okay, so maybe the graphics just look all sorts of insanely awesome from what we can tell so far. Dungeon Keeper will be headed to iOS and Android devices sometime this winter, so let’s hope that some of those underground tunnels have full heating in them so we can take shelter from the cold – and snag a handful or two of some glittering treasure while we’re at it!