You know how some people are into celebrating Christmas in July? Well I’m all about starting a new tradition of celebrating Halloween in August, and all of the new iOS games that are headed our way tonight are certainly giving me some pretty great inspiration when it comes time to finally decide on a costume this year!

Ninjas and pirates and telekinesis children, oh my! That’s right, there’s a lot of fascinating types of video game people making their way onto the App Store tonight, and from the looks of their respective adventures so far, it’s pretty clear that they’re going to be hitting your mobile device with quite a bang (or at the very least, a very hearty yo-ho-ho!).


Telekinesis Kyle – Telekinesis Kyle is an average kid, just like you or me: except for the fact that he has, you know, telekinetic powers. At least he didn’t grow up with the power of invisibility like I did in elementary school; you’d be surprised at how much trouble something like that can get you into! But Kyle isn’t without his own super power-related troubles as well, as he finds himself trapped in a sadistic military experiment with nothing but tons of challenging puzzle-platform levels between him and his freedom! And if you’ve been following the several developer diaries on Telekinesis Kyle right here on Gamezebo, then you probably already know how excited we are to finally play it.


Pirate Legends TD – Is it just me, or do most tower defense games on the market these days seem to be set in those rich medieval kingdoms where knights in shining armor and bloated kings on horses are always running about? Well that’s why I’m so excited about Pirate Legends TD, because the game looks to take the traditional gameplay and setup of classic tower defense games like Siegecraft TD and Kingdom Rush, and throw the whole thing in a lush and tropical environment, where pirate ships scour the seas, terrifying bosses lurk under the straights, and everything is polished to a glossy, swashbuckling sheen – right down to the parrot sitting on your captain’s shoulder!



Ninjas – Stolen Scrolls – If you’re a regular visitor here on Gamezebo, then you probably already know that I never miss any opportunity to reference Castle Crashers whenever anything even remotely resembles the colorful hack-and-slash adventure on a mobile device. And as luck would have it for me, Ninjas – Stolen Scrolls already exudes The Behemoth’s classic creation in spades, with the only main difference being deadly ninjas standing in place for knights and princesses. Let’s just hope the touchscreen controls can match up to the high promise of the gameplay once this one performs some ninja stealth maneuvers all over the App Store tonight!


BattleFriends in Tanks – It’s the classic question of which one is better: battleships or tanks? It was only earlier this month when Tequila Games released a “reloaded” version of their Battleship-esque game BattleFriends at Sea onto the App Store, and so now it’s only right that they follow up this move with a full-on tank assault in BattleFriends in Tanks. What’s already awesome about this one is that each battlefield in the game seems to be set on a completely spherical and 3D map, as players maneuver around the edges of each planet, so to speak, and try to gain the upper hand on their opponent. I used to be all about battleships back in the day, but after seeing some of those tank designs in this game, I think I might have to jump ship now – pun most definitely intended.