With the sort of skyrocketing popularity that King has seen over the last year (thanks in no small part to Candy Crush Saga), we’ll forgive you for thinking that they went from zero to hero overnight. But like most companies, there’s a lot that has gone into getting King to where they are today – including a few earlier Facebook titles that you may not have heard of until right now.

Which, I suppose, explains why King is shuttering them.

Effective September 10th, the games Miner Speed, Bubble Saga, Puzzle Saga, and Hoop de Loop Saga will all be removed from Facebook.

As is most often the case, it all comes down to numbers. The King team (which is growing – now at a whopping 550 employees!) can only be stretched so thin. With the low DAU on these games (less than 50k daily active users on Miner Speed and Puzzle Saga), it makes sense to move these folks onto bigger projects like Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Saga, or even new games  in development.

If you’re a fan of any of these games, King at least has some good news: all of the earlier versions of these games will remain playable on King.com. They’re not quite identical, but Hoop de Loop should at least scratch that inevitable Hoop de Loop Saga itch.