More fun than feeding a real-life baby

Feeding a baby doesn’t exactly sound like much fun, but you’d be surprised what can be turned into an addictive game these days. Baby Nom Nom is a surprisingly exciting physics-based puzzler with plenty to offer, even if its “cute” nature may seem a little too fluffy to be anything truly challenging.

Baby Nom Nom loves to eat. If you don’t give him what he wants, you’re going to be sorry. Except feeding this finicky baby is, believe it or not, rougher than trying to get food into a real infant’s mouth. There’s a maze between you, the rice you’re meant to feed the baby with, and Nom Nom himself. It’s your job to fill up the baby’s bowl with rice so he doesn’t cry.

Baby Nom Nom

While it sounds like a simple enough premise, it’s pretty tough sometimes to direct the rice into the baby’s mouth. As you progress through the game, the mazes become more complicated, with bonus fruits to collect and portals to warp in between. You’ll even be faced with locked doors keeping you from traveling down certain paths. The worse you perform, the less food is left for the ravenous baby to gobble up, and as you run into obstacles, he becomes more and more upset. Sometimes the little touches like these end up making the game more memorable in the long run, and Baby Nom Nom is full of these little flourishes.

What’s more, instead of relying on the accelerometer for finicky and frustrating controls, Baby Nom Nom relies on more precise touch input. It ends up working quite nicely; so many physics-based puzzlers should go the same route. It was refreshing to see an alternate approach taken, rather than what’s largely considered the “easy way out.”

Baby Nom Nom

It’s a surprisingly fun little diversion despite its simplicity, though once you get a feel for breezing through each puzzle you’ll be done with it in no time flat. You’ll definitely be left wanting a few more levels to tide you over, that’s for sure.

Baby Nom Nom is a cute and cuddly way to spend a few hours or perhaps a few minutes on the way to work. Just don’t expect it to last forever. Like the rice left in Baby’s food bowl, it’ll be gone before you know it. Downloadable levels, anyone?