The innovative horror-themed FPS The Drowning from Scattered Entertainment hit the App Store a week ago today in all of its slick and disturbingly awesome glory, and just in case you missed our review of the game, we thought it was a pretty fun and creepy good time. Well now the developers have announced the very first global in-game event for The Drowning, known as Toxic Beast Hunt.

Here’s a little backstory on how the storyline of Toxic Beast Hunt fits into the overall narrative of the main campaign of The Drowning: a new mutation of the creatures that populate the game world has been discovered to originate from an old chemical plant. These are the same mutations that are said to have killed your ally Charlotte’s father, so now players will be tasked with ridding this horribly powerful mutation from the area by killing off every creature with discolored skin.


In speaking on the new event, general manager of Scattered Entertainment Ben Cousins had this to say: “It’s really exciting to continue the momentum of our worldwide launch with our very first live gameplay event called the Toxic Beast Hunt. This is another real first for a mobile FPS – adding variety to the game in the form of a weeklong competition where our players worldwide get matched up to co-operate and compete to hunt and take down rare and powerful monsters hidden across our game world.

Players who want to participate in Toxic Beast Hunt will be thrown into random pairings via The Drowning‘s asynchronous matchmaking system, where total scores will be added together as each team member slays their own respective mutated creatures on all different sides of the world. Prizes for competing in Toxic Beast Hunt are said to be rare weapons and other powerful equipment that is sure to help your fight against the drowned ones.

The Drowning‘s Toxic Beast Hunt event will be launching today, August 8, and is set to run through Wednesday, August 14.