My Ballfrog could topple your Battabing any day of the week!

Say what you will about the monster collecting and battling genre of video games, but there’s just something so undeniably fun and addictive about journeying through all kinds of richly populated fantasy worlds, and befriending all of the unique and powerful creatures that inhabit them. Monster Legacy is the latest in line of this niche of adventure games, and already looks to be a formidable social contender to the tried and true Pokémon formula. The game is being developed by Outplay Entertainment, in conjunction with Facebook’s new Mobile Games Publishing Program that was announced earlier this week.

In Monster Legacy, players will be able to explore 14 different dungeons set across the ancient Elemental Temples, which are crammed with tons of environmental puzzles, and my guess would be just as many monsters roaming through the underground corridors. Monsters can be captured, evolved, and used to battle all sorts of rival explorers throughout your adventures and quests in the world of Arborea.

Monster Legacy

In speaking about the upcoming monster collecting and battling game, Lead Designer on the project Bruno Patatas states that “Monster Legacy offers a unique blend of nostalgia and innovation that will delight players of all ages.” And by “nostalgia,” I’m pretty sure he’s referring to Pokémon here, which is A-OK with me, because I’ve been looking for a true Pokémon-like experience on my mobile device for quite some time now.

While we don’t know how many monsters will be included in the game just yet, we do know that Monster Legacy will feature 21 unique levels and 63 quests that can be embarked on at any time in the game, all adding up to dozens of hours of in-depth content and innovative gameplay mechanics. However, the first released screenshots of the game showcase some of these cutesy-looking monsters in action, like the fearsome Gorillem who looks like a giant gorilla made out of boulders and tree leaves, and a wily sea dragon named Scalestrom who sports a powerful typhoon attack.

Monster Legacy

Monster Legacy is currently slated for a release by the end of this year on iOS devices. And regardless of how many different monsters end up making it into the final build of the game, you can bet your sweet Gorillem that I’m going to collect all of them!